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 Deposits on Puppies
A $500 dollar deposit will be taken for the puppy of your choice. This is a non-refundable deposit, the only changes you can make are if you decide on a different puppy. If you are picking the puppy up then you will need to bring CASH ONLY to take care of the remaining balance. If puppy is being shipped out, the puppy will need to be paid in full before the puppy will leave me. 

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About Us        

Rodeo Doxies is located in the southern part of New Mexico, in a little town called Anthony, NM. Its squeezed right in-between El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM. Our place is about 16 acres with BLM land as our backyard, which give our dogs plenty of room to roam around and exercise. Our dogs are treated like family, they are inside/outside dogs and love to go bub-bye. We couldn’t ask for better traveling partners. As a Dachshund Breeder, we have developed an enviable expertise at producing beautiful, loving Mini Dachshund Puppies that become the cherished family pets for families from all over this area!!

Here at Rodeo Doxies we breed APRI registered miniature dachshunds. We like to keeping in mind the “miniature part” in these dogs.  Our dogs range from             8-12pounds and roughly 5-7 inches tall. We also look for great looking coats, patterns, and colors. Our coats range from smooth, longhaired, and wired. Our patterns include dapples, piebalds, solids, and brindles. Our colors include  cream, chocolates, black, blue, isabella, and reds. We treat every puppy like a pet from the moment he or she is born. All of our beautiful, docile doxies are treated with love and tenderness from the moment they are born, and our lines produce a quiet temperament that creates the perfect pet for your loving home.
As a mini doxie breeder we have earned our reputation for excellence through our satisfied customers.
We Appreciate Your Visit!
When picking a puppy....
decide whether you prefer a miniature dachshund puppy with long, short haired or wire haired. Each puppy is an individual and the Rodeo Doxies will be able to advise you on the puppies personality and that of the parents, you need to choose carefully to ensure you and the puppy will be happy.

There is quite a variation in the cost depending on the breeding, puppies from Breed Champions, also fully registered puppies for breeding will cost more, most puppies are sold as pets.  ( This is why my prices range so much)
Rodeo Doxies will release puppy at or around 8 wks but will not take any responsibility for Parvo or Parasites. Puppy will come with the correct amount of shots and worming the puppy can take at the time of purchase, other shots/worming will be up to the purchaser. 

Rodeo Doxies has gotten into rescuing dachshund locally and also have had many people contacting me about placing there dog in a wonderful forever home that it really encouraged me to not only raise these amazing dogs but to also rescue them! It has done very well and I hope to keep it going like this. Please contact me if you are interested in a rescue I do get them in and out and can put you on my waiting list!