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"I'm very happy with my decision to get my puppy from Rodeo Doxies! Everything went smooth at the airport, and when I got him home and released him within 5 minutes he was wagging his tail and eating! He is almost 1 yr now and his personality is awesome! He is a very happy, playful, smart little calm lover dog! Unlike my other doxie that I bought from a pet shop who is a bit nervous and had a hard time with hurricane Sandy, while my Hootie and Tilla pup slept through! Love this guy, thanx Rodeo Doxies!"
-Corey K.
"Getting a puppy from Whitney Horrell of Rodeodoxies has been a great experience! She has gone above and beyond to assist me in selecting the right puppy and has done everything possible to facilitate the best, most economical way to get the puppy to me. Odie is the sweetest, most lovable dachshund we have ever owned! He was such an easy pup to train and has grown into a very special dog! We have just brought home our second doxie from Whitney and I have a feeling she is going to be just as special! She is extremely tiny but has totally earned her name, "Zena, The warrior princess! Thanks Whitney, your pups are truly special:)"

“We couldn’t be happier with our two puppies we adopted from Rodeo Doxies! After trying to talk my husband into getting a dog for a few years, he finally gave in and we took a short ride to look at Whitney’s puppies. A brown and white little girl stole his heart, and we brought her home a week later. Several months later, when we decided to seek out a brother for her, we were drawn back to Rodeo Doxies beautiful pictures of dogs clearly well loved and taken care of. We chose a wired hair little guy and brought him home to meet our princess. He was an instant fit with his laid back demeanor and sweet nature! Both healthy and full of energy, they have brought so much happiness to our life. “
Thank you! 
-Lori and Victor (Lola and Tumbleweeds mom and Dad)
I have a dachsund that is 15 years old. I have had a dachsund since I was a senior in highschool and I am 66 years young right now. I had always wanted a wire-haired dachsund but had never found a breeder. Oh, my!!! A friend told me about Rodeo Doxies. I went to see Whitney, feel head over heels in love with Crossfire. When Whitney told she was going to have baby Crossfires, I was hooked. When I went to see the wirehaired pup, there sat the most precious black and cream long haired pup I had ever seen...so yes, you guessed it. I now have two puppies that are not yet 10 months old. They are the JOY of my life. Thank you, Whitney. Because you LOVE dachsunds so much, my life has been greatly enriched!!!!!!
-Karen J.
Dogs have been a large part of my life ever since the age of 6, when my grandmother brought me my first, a red standard dachshund. A cocker spaniel and two weimaraners later, I decided a smaller breed might be better for this season of my life, and I did a Google search for dachshund breeders in the Las Cruces/El Paso area. I was thrilled, not only because I found Rodeo Doxies, but that Concho was expecting a litter. I had never seen a dog like her—a dachshund with the beautiful taupe coloring of a weimaraner—and I immediately emailed Whitney. We set up a date for a “Concho viewing,” but when I got to the house, Concho was in labor, so Whitney took me over to see a litter of long haired puppies. I picked up the little girl, a shaded cream with black rimmed eyes, fell in love with her, and all notions of a “weimarweiner” went out of my head. We have had Sherrill for 7 months now, and I honestly cannot imagine life without her. She is healthy, happy, and too smart for her own good.  I hope Rodeo Doxies is in business for a long time to come—if I can convince the hubby, I’ll be back! 
-Lorri R.
After several months of searching for a dachshund, I came across the Rodeo Doxies website. I was poking around the website in search of an older dog. That was when I stumbled across Daisy with her red dapple soft wire haired coat. She was unlike any doxie I had seen and I loved her immediately. Within a couple of days, I had asked every single question possible to ensure that Daisy was a good match for my home. Whitney was kind and gracious throughout the whole process. Since I live on the east coast, Whitney shipped her to a local airport. When Daisy arrived, it was love at first sight. After a couple months, I noticed that Whitney had an older dog named Hope that was available. I inquired about Hope and Whitney explained to me that her and Daisy were buddies with the same chill temperament. How could I resist?! Hope arrived at the airport last week and, yet again, I was in love. After a reintroduction, Hope and Daisy could not stop wagging their tails. It was obvious that they remembered one another. They have yet to stop loving on one another. I can't begin to tell you how well these two amazing dogs fit into the family. Whitney was incredibly thoughtful and kind throughout the whole process. Honestly, I can't say enough positive things about working with Whitney and Rodeo Doxies. Hope and Daisy are the best dogs that I have ever known and I am glad that I can call them “my ladies.” Thank you!
-Bri C.
My husband has always wanted a dapple doxie. He came across the Rodeo Doxies website and fell in love with all the pictures of the beautiful, healthy pups. After many trips out to Whitney's place, we finally decided on a little Isabella dapple. She is such a little lover and she absolutely adores my 4 year old daughter. The pups from Rodeo Doxies are happy, healthy, kind, playful, and well socialized. I would recommend her pups to anyone who is looking to add a new member to their family.
-Nicole W.
"No one whom has read about or had personal contact with you would dare to say anything negative about your class of breeding and your efforts to rehome orphaned dachshunds. You and I have not met, we have only had internet contact, but I would stand up for you and your ways 100%. Because of you and your ways, I drove five hours to save a mini smoothie not long ago, now our "Little Frankie". You inspired me to rescue versus buying another. Stand tall and proud when it comes to your ways and beliefs. You are a good person and your standards are far beyond most. Very happy and proud to say I have chatted with you and what an inspiration you continue to be."
-Daryl A.
I was looking around for a Dachshund, and a good friend of mine told me of a wonderful place where she had just recently adopted a pup from. I looked into it and immediately fell in love w/the whole clan. A couple of months later, I adopted my 1st pup, but I didn't stop there. A year later, I was able to adopt another pup that looked so much like his father Crossfire. I am blessed that Whitney had the patience to deal with me and my constant barrage of questions and provided my family w/Blitz and Echo, two furry lil members of our family that provide us with laughter and fill our hearts with so much joy. I can't wait to get another, but my wallet thinks otherwise, haha...Thanks Whitney for your continued support, not just in helping us match up with the right pup, but with your passion in helping out other doxies that need that special home. Not many breeders out there that will do that. You are an inspiration to me and others! 
Rodeo Doxies ROCKS!
- Mike G.
"There was a big void in the house after losing my dappled mini of almost 15 years. I was looking at local breeders, but none really caught my interest. I was hesitant to look outside of Tucson and, aware of the problems that can arise with irresponsible breeding, was leery of "googling" to find a breeder. The Rodeo Doxies site caught my attention, however, and I started to look through all the adorable puppies available. It didn't take long to find this adorable little blue and tan piebald and sooner than I expected I was emailing Whitney, talking to her on the phone and making my deposit. I have always felt that how dogs interact with humans tells a lot about how they were raised. It is obvious that my little 'Steinway' was raised with lots of love. He has such a sweet demeanor, enjoys playing with my 12-year old Aussie-Jack mix and is equally content to cuddle with the human of the pack. Everything about working with Whitney has been positive - she always returned my emails within half a day and took the time to introduce me to Steinway's ma & pa when I picked him up. The only part I didn't like was waiting for 4 weeks until my little guy was ready to bring home!"
-Vanessa E.
My daughter had been looking for a doxie puppy and stumbled across the Rodeo Doxie website. We instantly fell in love with Hootie and began to keep up with the webpage. I e-mailed Whitney asking if she had a smooth dappled female. She replied within minutes that she had two litters coming up within the month. Like clockwork she e-mailed back that she had a black and tan dapple female that looked like she would be smooth. She sent the contract, we sent the deposit, and waited. Being the straight forward person Whitney is, she called in a few weeks to let us know that it looked like the puppy was going to be wire haired instead of smooth. Whitney explained that it would be no problem to wait for the next litter if we preferred. We discussed it and decided to stick with the black and tan dapple. We met at the end of eight weeks to pick her up and have been in love ever since! Whitney's honesty and interest in the future owners of her puppies is one of many reasons we will be repeat buyers.
-Dianna P.
Brownie is now almost 5months old and he is beautiful and sweet . He has fit himself into the family and taken over. He is so special and adorable we are so happy that we found your website. 
Thank you Whitney for our new baby.
- Trayce H.
My search for the perfect doxie seemed endless until I came across the Rodeo Doxies website. Once I saw "Oliver" on the Doxie Puppies page, I knew he had to be mine! Whitney was such a pleasure to work with, and always responded to my emails and concerns quickly and thoroughly. Whitney truly cares about her doxies, and I can tell my Oliver was raised with lots of love. He is the sweetest little guy, and loves attention from anyone and everyone. He is very easy-going and gets along great with my other doxie (and any other dog he meets). Everywhere I go with Oliver, people are always fascinated with his color and demeanor. I would recommend Rodeo Doxies to anyone, and will definitely be back to Whitney in the future. Whitney, I can't thank you enough for my perfect puppy!
-Jess E. 
My family is so very pleased with our new baby we purchased from rodeo doxies. We where very surprised and pleased when we got her home, her tail was wagging, and she ate. We where also surprised she even started to play with our other animals. This tells me she was very well taken care of. Her social skills where all ready put in place. I will never purchase another doxin from anyone else.
-Kimberly D.
I love dachshunds! My mom had two for 16 years. I decided that I wanted one and I got my first, my Abbey girl. I always knew I wanted another and when I found Rodeo Doxies I liked them on Facebook and started getting updates on some of the cutest dogs I had ever seen! I wasn?t actively looking but one day there was a post on a short-haired red dapple and I knew she had to be a part of our family. I immediately emailed Whitney and everything went smoothly from there. I brought her home 4 weeks later and she is a joy. I am used to fairly high-strung dachshunds and she is so calm. When I brought my first one home she cried for days but not this little girl, she is quiet and smart too. I would recommend Whitney and Rodeo Doxies to anyone that is looking for a legitimate breeder of well-mannered and super cute dogs! 
- Holly E.
I absolutely love my puppy that I purchased from Whitney a few weeks ago. The love and compassion she has for her dogs is remarkable. When picking up my puppy, she had extra dog food for me and a detailed report on the puppy including the shots and worming she had given. My pup is unbelievably sweet, loves to play with our other dogs in the family, and is an overall great companion. I could not have found a better breeder and would recommend Whitey, at Rodeo Doxies, to anyone who is looking for a new puppy or one of her current rescues. 
Buying Luke (our mini Weinie) from Whitney was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She went out of her way to answer our questions and keep us updated on him from birth until the day he came home. He has been an outgoing puppy since the day we got him. He is so full of personality and a perfect fit. We couldn't be more pleased. I recommend all dachshund lovers buy a dog from Rodeo Doxies. You won't regret it!
-Chan and Sam R.

I'm writing to tell you how happy we are with our little girl Stella. We have bought a number of dogs (several doxies over the years) from breeders in other areas and states. This was by far the best experience we have had. It is clear that you truly care about your doxies and treat them like family. This shows through when you ship your babies because they adjust quickly and have a great personality. The process was also the best we have dealt with. Your communications are beyond expectations and every point in the process was without flawless. Thanks again for blessing us with the newest member of our family. 
Don W.
Rodeo Doxies is a great place to get a puppy. After loosing my baby that I had for 18 years I found the newest addition to my family on the Rodeo Doxies website. Whitney was very patient with me as I was debating bringing a new puppy home. She held him for me while I was making the decision and allowed me to come and look at him to see if he was going to be a good fit with me. After seeing him I had to have him. When I picked him up he was mild mannered and has been a great companion for me. He follows me everywhere. He is helping my heart mend from the loss of my Dachsund and I would definitely purchase another puppy from Whitney.
-Penny D.